LIVE: Lady at Joe’s Pub

What’s spectacular about Lady is the chemistry between Nicole Wray and Terri Walker. It’s readily apparent on record; where their voices easily play off and urge each other on. But seeing them live brings a whole other dimension. They go back and forth with each other; they tease, make faces, and try out off the cuff dance moves. It feels like you are watching two sisters act out in front of a mirror which is astonishing considering they met only a couple of years ago.

Lady’s on stage presence was playful; the music was 100% professional. With a solid backing band (horn section included) they tore through the album note for note and even came out for an encore (which doesn’t happen often at the venue Joe’s Pub, known for their strict stage time). With classic 60’s soul becoming popular in modern R&B recently you can find plenty of acts that can recreate the sound faithfully. But the ability to recreate the atmosphere, the vibe, and the fun of a musical era that shaped so many subsequent genres is a hard thing to capture; with Lady it’s effortless.