LIVE: Alicia Keys and Miguel ‘Set the World on Fire Tour’ at the Verizon Center, DC

Alicia Keys and five-time Grammy nominated crooner Miguel came to DC and basically set the Verizon Center stage in flames on their “Set the World on Fire” tour. Fresh off his stellar performance on SNL, Miguel wasted no time with warming up, he was –well, on fire (cliché, I know). He started the show with ‘Strawberry Amazing’ and by the third song in he was giving us “The Thrill” followed by singing the hook from his and Wale’s single “Lotus Flower Bomb”. Trust me Miguel is well worth getting to the arena ON TIME.

Keys opened her performance with a lovely aerial view of New York City, which we arrive to a window which we are peering through (kinda, on some peeping tom, steeze), where we can see Keys’ shapely silhouette –which she proudly flaunts, between sauntering on stage and sitting at the white grand piano in the center of the stage.  Of course, she opens her show with “Empire State of Mind”, followed by “You Don’t Know My Name”. I forgot that she had such a large catalog of hits.  If the tour comes to your city or a city near you, I suggest that you check it out.