You should know about Yuna. Starting in 2006 she’s been steadily releasing tons of dope music and is a huge star in her native Malaysia. She’s worked with musical luminaries like Pharrell, dropped TWO albums last year (one in her native tongue, one international album) and has even more things cooking for 2013. Her latest is the hit single, “Shine Your Way” off the juggernaut that is The Croods. We recently had a chance to ask her some questions, check it out below:

You embraced the internet pretty early on in your career by posting your tracks on Myspace for fans. How has your relationship to the internet changed while your profile has grown?

It didn’t change so much, I still turn to the internet because it is the fastest most effective way to reach to people

Your music incorporates many different styles When do you write a song do you have a specific genre in mind?

Not really! It never turns out to be whatever you plan. Normally i just let whatever I feel at the time steer my creativity. It could be folky. RnB. Jazz. Its fun when you kinda just let things happen.


You have a song on The Croods soundtrack with Adam Young of Owl City called, “Shine Your Way”. How did that come about?

I was offered to be on Shine Your Way with Owl City, it was very unexpected. I was so excited to be offered that gig! I had so much fun recording and performing Shine Your Way! And hearing the song at the end credit of a really huge animation film was amazing.

It was recently covered on American Idol, which is a pretty huge platform. Do you think they did a good job?

Of course! Its pretty amazing having a group of talented people sing the song that you’ve worked on, like your project is now embraced by American Idol. Its really cool!


Speaking of covers, you also covered the Beatles last year for The Savages. Do you feel nervous covering such well known songs?

Of course! I try not to overthink it. There’s always people out there who won’t be happy with young artists doing those kinda stuff, but i think its a good way to bring an old song back to surface.

With your growing presence and fan base in the US how do you split time between Malaysia and there considering the flight time is so long?

It’s just something that I have to do, and I love doing things for fans back in Malaysia. So I always try to find time to do work back home involving music or just creative projects with Canon or Samsung. Its not that bad to be honest. I really dont mind flying back to Malaysia its wonderful out there and the food is just amazing.

Finally, since you have such a big song for an animated movie; What’s your favorite animated movie or cartoon?

The Croods of course! I watched it and fell in love with it immediately.