FOOD: Random Acts of Kindness – I Mean, Random Acts of Pizza


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In the wake of the recent Boston Marathon tragedy, I began researching ways to help, both food and non-food related.  Browsing through the hundreds and hundreds of tweets and news articles offering aid, I stumbled across Random Acts of Pizza, a Reddit message board that aims to give (and help others receive) you guessed it…pizza.

The main website for Random Acts of Pizza states that their goal is this: “Random Acts of Pizza is a community on the website that facilitates the sending and receiving of pizzas between strangers, because… who doesn’t like helping out a stranger?  The purpose is to have fun, eat pizza and help each other out. Together, we aim to restore faith in humanity, one slice at a time.”

If you need a pizza, you can get a pizza, if you want to give a pizza, you can give a pizza.  If you want to give a pizza to a random person that meets a specific set of standards, you can do that too.  they also offer pizza coupons so you can give someone a pizza and help yourself out, too!  The site suggets paying it forward (or, as they say, “Pizza It Forward”) so if someone gives you a pizza, you should give someone else in need of a pizza one in the future as well.

In relation to the recent events in Boston, if you browse through the top posts on the message board you’ll see tons of people all over the world sending pizzas to displaced runners and even Boston nurses.  The message board seems to have been started as something lighthearted and fun (hello, random pizza? Totally fun!).  Though a pizza pie is such a mundane and trivial thing at this moment in time, it’s great to see that people are using the site to pitch in and make the small gesture by giving something to those who truly need it – even if they are complete strangers.

To find out more about Random Acts of Pizza (and donate one) head to their official website and the message board.

If you’re looking for other ways to contribute, check the #BostonHelp hashtag on Twitter, and you can also consider making a donation to the Red Cross.  Stay strong, Boston, we love you!