FOOD: Greenpoint Brunching at Enid’s



I just can’t get enough brunch.  After checking out brunch at Matchless right across the street a couple weeks ago (and having had drinks there a couple times) I was intrigued by what I had heard about Enid’s, so this past weekend, we decided to give it a try.

Enid’s is simple, no-frills, straightforward good food and service that gave me nothing to complain about.  It’s definitely got that hipster vibe, with cute rustic decor and a flannel-and-glasses-donning waitstaff, but of course, the food is the star here.  Huevos rancheros and fried jalapeno cheese grits with eggs over easy were this week’s brunch players and both were meals we would get again.  No boozy brunch for us, but I’m definitely into checking out the brunch cocktails next time (with a drink menu that seems to have an emphasis on grapefruit juice)



So when deciding between Matchless and Enid’s?  The ambience is the main difference – Matchless definitely has more of a fun bar vibe than Enid’s, which is more of a sit down and relax type of place, at least for brunch.  I’d like to go back to Enid’s and check out the dinner/bar scene.  You honestly can’t go wrong with either place, and chances are if you’re going for brunch, the best deciding factor is which one has the shorter wait.  My advice?  Try both and see for yourself.

560 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11222