FOOD: Edible Masterpieces – How Playing with Your Food Can Gain You Some Artistic Cred

Growing up, my mom had this tradition of decorating my birthday pancakes with chocolate syrup or chocolate chips, usually to spell my name or Happy Birthday or something fun like that, putting the card and my special breakfast into one perfect edible birthday card treat.  Nowadays, she strays from the kiddie things (though I tend to decorate my meals into a funny face shape on the reg) but you can bet that any meal served at my house is artistically plated in some shape or form.

As an appreciation of the marriage of food and art, here’s a couple amazing projects that, regardless of age, will have you playing with your food by your next meal.

The headline of the blog Jim’s Pancakes simply states “just trying to make some cool pancakes from my daughter,” which is all anyone needs to know.



 [Photos from Jim’s Pancakes]

Derek Benson, a graphic designer, draws lunch bag art for his kids during, of course, his lunch break.


[Photo from This is Colossal]

We already mentioned Bill Wurtzel, who got the idea for Funny Food Art by creating breakfasts for his wife (aww!) that he thought would cheer her up.




[Photos from Funny Food Art]

David Schwen takes things to a Pantone direction and does some food and color pairings.




[Photos from The Superslice]

Malaysian artist Hong Yi makes amazing edible food landscapes.




[Photos from Village Voice]