FOOD: Bill Wurtzel’s “Funny Food Art” Gives a New Spin on Playing With Your Food


Chelsea Market is known mainly for its plethora of edible selections, but lately, something edible has been adorning the walls, as well.  “Funny Food Art,” a collection of work by artist and jazz guitarist Bill Wurtzel, these quirky pieces are actually photographs of food, arranged to create art that looks almost too good to eat.

Started originally as a series of simple edible breakfast “paintings” to make his wife Claire laugh, these creative gesture of love has grown into a book (“Funny Food – 365 Fun, Healthy, Silly, Creative Breakfasts”) as well as a series of workshops aimed at making nutrition something fun for kids to learn about.   Kiwis are turned into faces, omelettes and crackers become a taxi, a pineapple is shown as a funny face – the possibilities that Wurtzel has presented are endless.  The Wurtzels also hold workshops throughout New York City that foster children’s healthy eating habits by making eating fun – encouraging adults and children to create their own visually appealing (and healthy!) meals.

“Funny Food Art” is on view throughout Chelsea Market for the entire month of April.  To learn more about the art, check out their Facebook and official website.