DESIGN: Hyperkin Reveals RetroN 5.



Video games were always such a great release & escape for me growing up. When I was younger, I would be found staying out late playing Mario Party at Denise’s apartment, or a new game on Xaira’s Gamecube that she wanted to show off every Friday. Sure, I got mad at the games when they would glitch, especially with Final Fantasy 8 when I wouldn’t receive an item after mugging a monster so I could update my damn weapons so I can finally fight Ultimacea and beat the game. So when I first heard about Hyperkin’s RetroN 5, I was excited to hear that someone had the brains to bundle up all these consoles I had growing up. (It just needs the Playstation & I’m set.)


Krups Waffle Iron looking sexier than the RetroN 5

The unit has the brains, but the design? My waffle maker looks a lot sleeker than this… my toaster, & my best friend Jennifer’s old Nokia phone, that she had growing up… (If I think about it long enough I’m sure most tech devices look better than this.) Haven’t we learned anything from Apple? Granted, Atari 2600s were not prom queens. But boxy and gray, with purple accents? And the mostly straight lines of the controllers make it seem as if Hyperkin‘s ergonomics team needs a powerup. I predict unnecessarily sore palms. I’m hoping it’s just a concept. Sure I’ve found emulators online that allow me to play these games & relieve the memories that I have for each one, but I grew up with consoles. I’m the relatively old school type.

Well Designed Consoles


Nintendo Color TV Game, 1977


Wii Console


Sony PS3


The RetroN 5, a $100 gadget, lets you play games from the NES, SNES, SFC, Genesis, MD, Fami, GBA, GBC, & GB systems. If I were psychic & knew this would have existed 13 years later, I might have saved up, (okay, no, steal), as many games as I could from my brother William. I’m really excited that all of these retro video games are going to start flooding in & get popular again. Just in time for summer.

You can find out more about the RetroN 5 here.