SCREEN: My Brother the Devil

My Brother the Devil

Sally El Hosaini’s My Brother the Devil is a triumphant film debut for this Egyptian-Welsh director. Shot entirely in her local neighborhood of Hackney in East London, My Brother the Devil is a touching and enthralling story of how the relationship of two Arab teenage brothers is put to the test as they struggle to find their individual identities amidst gangs, drugs, violence and prejudice in one of London’s most volatile areas.

Elegantly shot, with captivating characters and a story line written with great sensitivity, My Brother the Devil has won international critical acclaim including Best Cinematography, World Cinema Award at Sundance, and director Sally El Hosaini was awarded Best British Newcomer by the British Film Institute.

Watch My Brother the Devil as it hits the screens in the US:

22nd March – New York @ Landmark Sunshine
22nd March – New York @ Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center at the Lincoln Center
5th April – Los Angeles @ Landmark Nuart
12th April – San Francisco @ Landmark Opera Plaza
12th April – Berkeley @ Landmark Shattuck 10
12th April – Philadelphia @ Landmark Ritz Bourse
19th April – Seattle @ Landmark Varsity 3
19th April – San Diego @ Landmark Ken
26th April – Boston @ Landmark Kendall Square
26th April – Minneapolis @ Landmark Lagoon
3rd May – Denver @ Landmark Chez Artiste
10th May – Washington DC @ Landmark E Street















Stars: James Floyd, Fady Eldayed, Said Taghmaoui


Sally El Housaini

Writer & Director: Sally El Hosaini