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NEWS: Ramen Ravioli, The Manhattan Cocktail Classic, DIY Shamrock Shakes, and More

by Lea Faminiano


[Bartender Jeff Bell fine strains a cocktail concoction at Stories from Behind the Bar: PDT (Please Don’t Tell).  Photo Credit: Virginia Rollison.] 

Get your tickets for The Manhattan Cocktail Classic, on sale now! (Manhattan Cocktail Classic)


Skip McDonald’s, make your own Shamrock Shake.  (Epicurious)

And, some more recipes for St. Patrick’s Day. (Serious Eats)

A day before it was supposed to take effect, a judge strikes down NYC’s big sugary drink ban.  (New York Times)

Yay!  You can now pick up alcoholic (and non-alcoholic) Kelvin Slush at MSG! (New York Street Food)

Vote for Food & Wine’s People’s Best New Chef in America. (Food & Wine)

Sign the petition against the FDA’s potential approval of genetically engineered salmon for public consumption.  (Sign On)

Another article discussing whether or not it’s ok to photograph your food.  (The Guardian)