LIVE: SXSW 2013, Cloud Nothings & Toro Y Moi

The Cloud Nothings spent much of 2012 spreading the gospel of their critically acclaimed album, ‘Attack on Memory’, to the masses. Known for their intense live show, Cloud Nothings are intent on bringing loud guitars back into fashion at subdued indie rock shows.  The Carpark records showcase at SXSW was no exception.  Hitting the stage battle ready and grizzled they tore into a noisy set for the enthusiastic crowd. They snuck in some new tracks only to bury the hooks under waves of distortion, giving the crowd exactly what they wanted.

Toro Y Moi hit the stage with a different agenda.  Originally saddled with the ‘chillwave’ description early in his career over time his music has morphed into a beast that would not be out of place in a club set. Wearing his trademark frames, he played tracks from his well received new album, ‘Anything in Return’.  The vibe shifted from alternative nation show to a dance party with the crowd swaying to the beat.  With Toro’s understated stage persona it’s easy to kind of dismiss how much work is involved but nobody left unsatisfied; he’s a beast.