SXSW 2013: A Week in the Life of The Couch Sessions, A SXSW Inside Peek


(written and compiled by Liz and Jon)


This year, as in the past 5 years, The Couch Sessions crew travelled down south to Austin Texas to produce our yearly Circus SXSW concert as well as hob nob with the industry shakers and bakers – artists, artist managers, record label execs, brand managers, concert promoters, club talent buyers, etc.  And just as important, we got to spend time together outside the hustle and bustle of our home in New York City, eat the magnificent Texas food, and check out acts we’ve been paying attention to the past few years.  Scroll down below to get a glimpse of our SXSW adventure….



– Driving into Austin super hyped…and after the week of debauchery and concerts, we definitely don’t want to mess with Texas!


– We knew weren’t in the big apple anymore when cowboy boots, instead of dunks and AF1’s, were hanging from the wires.


– Before checking out the city we dropped off our luggage at our crazy dope house we were sharing with our fam Rocksmith NYC in the Westlake District of Austin.

THEHouse copy

– Felt like we were taping an “MTV CRIBS” special.

THEHouse2 copy

After settling down we shot on over to Downtown Austin to check out our venue for Circus SXSW – Empire Auto Garage. Here’s our candid crew shot.  Top Left to right – Gregorio (Music Editor/Production Manager), Winston aka “Stone” (CEO/Owner), Ray aka “Raidroachkilla” (Art & Design Editor/In-house Graphic Design), Jon aka “Law” (Brand Manager/Owner). Bottom Left to Right – June Marieezy (fam & dope singer/songwriter), Run aka “Run P” (Brand Associate/In-House DJ).


Setting up for Circus SXSW


– Shepard Fairey (founder of Obey and famed Street Artist) freaking out the Circus SXSW wall.


– Shepard Fairey posing with June Marieezy and Ray


 – Sound-checking while random SXSW attendees posted up


After sound-checking, we decided to check out what SXSW is all about. Stone and Jon walking down 6th Street.


And we had to stop by the Fader Fort


 First act: Chvrches… Love them!


– Vickey (Editor in Chief of The Couch Sessions) and Stone chatting it up at The Fader Fort


Jon, (aside from being co-owner and brand manager of The Couch Sessions is also legal counsel for Rocksmith NYC), showing the gold grills and taking a flick with a Rocksmith supporter at the Fader Fort.


– June Marieezy, Eazy (President of Rocksmith NYC), Jon, Ray, and Liz (Marketing Manager/Art & Design Event Coordinator)  posted up at the Fader Fort…maybe 6 Budweisers and 4 vodka pineapple juices deep.


– Raidroachkilla, at this point, is definitely on one (or two, or three, or four, or five).

RayTurninUP copy

– Walking out the Fader Fort, and Liz sees something real cute. I wonder what it is???


– A Bob Marley Dog!


– Tired from all the walking and the heat on our first day in SXSW, it’s only right we grilled in Texas.


– Prosciutto, Brie, Tomatoes, Pork Loins, Salad (with a lot of apples), and Sausages. U Faancy huh!





Day 2

– On our second day of SXSW, the first thing we see of course is Liz exploring the backyard of our MTV Crib looking for deer.


–  Front yard posing with our Rocksmith brethren – DJ Boogati

House4 copy

– Facing opposite ways, but going in the same direction


– Can’t leave our MTV Crib without a little bit of courage juice. Run and Jon’s favorite summer cocktail: Bombay Sapphire Gin with Tonic.


– All of our local Austin friends told us to check out this awesome BBQ spot called Franklin’s…but as you can see with this line, we were too hungry to wait.


– So as Run so descriptively shows, we ‘Heismann’d’ our way out of there.

FaderFort3 copy

– And we ended up at this bomb Mexican spot on east Cesar Chavez – Juan In A Million


– Food was legit, But………


– The Horchata was the standout! YUMMMM (Liz downing that large Horchata in 2 gulps)


– After the excellent brunch at Juan In A Million, we decided to go to this really cool local art gallery UP Collective in East Cesar Chavez. We wanted to be where the locals hung out and spent their SXSW, not just the regular NYC and LA industry folks.


– Liz, in all her Art & Design glory 🙂 We’re in Texas!

ArtGallery2 copy

– Squad Up Couch Sessions boys. Relaxing in an air conditioned room. Texas tooo hot for this NYC skin.


– Another reason we make it to UP Collective every SXSW is because we at The Couch Sessions are genuinely interested in checking out never-before-heard bands and giving them exposure through our platform – the original essence of SXSW.


– Gregorio, pretending that he’s drinking but really flexing his bicep for the camera. He’s gonna pump you up!

GregorioRedCuppin copy

– Our token ’90s album cover’ pic in the UP Collective staircase.


– Once we left UP Collective, we trekked it back to the other side of town. Our 2nd token album cover flick.


– And stopped by the Dub Academy so June Marieezy could show the instructor how it’s really done.


– Spread peace, make love, get money.


– Back at the Fader Fort and these two dudes throwing giveaways to the crowd from a large mechanical crane.


–  We’re huge fans of INC. and we were really stoked to catch them perform. If only their live performance translated the same way their recordings did. maaan!




– The projection was way too cool to not take a picture. June Marieezy looking real solemn while repping Rocksmith.



– We go where we want to go! EXCUSE ME!



– Now matter how far we are from the Big Apple we just can’t get away from it. Cool glasses 🙂


– s/o to our fam Alvin at Cornerstone for showing us love at the Fader Fort. Alvin and Jon wearing stunner shades at night.


– And for the final act in the fort — French Montana and P.Diddy!



– Austin is more than just about shows and music. Austin has beautiful art everywhere. So we had to stop by Republic Square Park and play in these really cool light installations 🙂






cooling out at Republic Square Park got us super hungry, so we stopped by Austin’s famous food trucks. Jon and Run got the turkey legs. Of course they did.


 – Rock and Roll Saved My Black Heart & Soul




Day 3 


– it’s showtime!



– and the line circled all the way around the block. Grateful for all those who support all that we do.



– Gregorio in his Texan accent: “Aye there Jon, I reckon the line extends all the way off yonder”



– LL Cool Stone working the crowd.


– DJ and host Run P putting the crowd on to new gems and getting folks’ booty shakin’ to classics on a hot Friday afternoon.


– Thank you to our sponsors New Amsterdam Vodka. We love working with brands that think outside the box and work with us to create truly creative installations at our events. Salute!




– One thing we emphasize at The Couch Sessions is producing concerts and shows at extremely unique and interesting venues. From converted auto-body shops, to abandoned churches, to industry warehouses, we consistently step out the normal ‘club’ atmosphere and produce far-out shows for our supporters.



– The crowds’ loving it! 



– Electro-Pop-Rock band Cherub was without a doubt the standout surprise band for Circus SXSW. They absolutely killed it!

CircusCherub4 copy

CircusCherub2 copy


– Jon and Eazy chilling on stage during the Circus



– The entire crowd was moved by Allen Stone’s performance. Grown men were singing along and moving to his lyrics. Awesome!



 Thanks to our sponsors Shellback Rum for keeping the Circus’ attendees’ whistles wet. The Rum was delicious. 

ShellBack copy


– Allen Stone mingling with the crowd and showing love for his fans after his killer performance.



– After a successful Circus SXSW, June Marieezy, Jon, Ray and the rest of the crew stopped by Status Collective to check up on our Rocksmith brethren.



– And we took a stroll down 6th street, feeling great, and trying to flap our wings – as our photographer Celso (on the right) demonstrates.



– All while Liz (our Art & Design contributor) catches more flicks of Austin’s dope street art scene…





– Wow, the Circus SXSW totally beat us all up but it was so satisfying seeing our supporters enjoy our showcase. Run P sleeping (or is he?) on June’s shoulder. And June (Lennon) looks unamused. 😉


– Till next time SXSW! We love you 🙂