The Seshen is a San Francisco Bay Area-based band that draws influences from an eclectic range of artists including Little Dragon, J. Dilla, Erykah Badu and Beach House. The 7 band members fuse hip-hop, soul, pop and electronica, producing an original sound that is not bound to any particular category. Check out my interview with them below.

1. How did The Seshen start out?

Aki and I had wanted to start a band for a while…we made a couple of attempts but it didn’t quite work out but the seeds for The Seshen were planted when we put some musician friends together for a fundraiser for Haiti.  We continued to have house parties with great jam sessions and gradually enlisted friends, old and new, and it finally felt right.. Not long after our formation and a few shows,, we began working on our debut album, which we released a year ago. – Lalin

2. What motivates you guys to make music?

We’re inspired by everything we see, hear, feel, touch, experience vicariously through others… as well as, the kaleidoscope of genre-defying, really incredible underground/indie music that is surfacing. Music is how we express our conscious and subconscious selves and sometimes, therapy for what is happening in and around us. As extensions of our instruments, some things can only be expressed through sonic vibration.  – Akasha

3. What do you guys think about the increasing popularity of electropop or even the term itself?

I think it makes sense that electronic music has become increasingly popular. I love the pop music format and I think that using unfamiliar sounds and textures can put a familiar sounding song or set of chords in a very different space. What draws me to electronic music in general is the fact that there is a really wide and relatively new palette of sounds to create and compose with. I think music fans can easily gravitate towards music that has pop sensibilities but is arranged with more modern abstract electronic sounds. A lot of the music that I’ve been enjoying as of late delivers on both the abstract/electronic as well as some of the more familiar pop forms.

– Aki

4. To people who have never heard of you, how would you describe your music?

A bass-heavy harmonic sojourn into a verdant sonic and lyrical panorama replete with synthesized textures, head-nodding rhythms, and silky vocals… different enough to stand out as a unique listening experience but familiar enough to groove to. – Mahesh

5. How was being based in the San Francisco Bay Area affected the band’s dynamic?

I may be a little biased saying this since I was born here, but I feel the Bay Area is one of the best places in the world to thrive as an artist. There’s history here. Not all of us are from Northern California and we’ve all been fortunate to congregate here at this point in time to make this band work and be successful in an environment that embraces who we are.  – Kumar

 6. Why the name The Seshen?

We struggled with finding the right name for a while.  Finally, I was looking up Egypt and came across “seshen” which meant lotus flower.  In particular, the blue lotus was used in ceremony and the lotus can be found in a ton of Egyptian art. It means rebirth and recreation.  I was drawn to the concept of constant rebirth. – Lalin

7. What’s a little known fact about the band?

We are all super adoring and mushy with each other to the point of dorkiness. We are always telling each other how much we appreciate one another and how blessed we are to be working with such talented musicians. Sometimes we can’t believe how chill everyone is. There are no drama queens (or kings), and we have a harmony together that is rare to find in such a large group. Its a regular lovefest when we get a few drinks in us. We are really like a big family, except without the big arguments, door slamming, and stress!!! – Mirza

8. What do you guys do when you’re not performing?

Practice! – Chris

9. What new projects can expect from you guys?

We’re currently working on an EP of new material and will be leaking some new songs and remixes along the way. – Aki

You can learn more about The Seshen here.