Emerging out of the DMV with a sound all their own and the colors to match is RDGLDGRN. With cosigns from Dave Grohl and Pharrell and taking part in this summer’s Van’s Warped Tour, RDGLDGRN is primed and ready to flip the script on the music industry. I had a chance to talk to Green and discuss the history of the band, their influences, and why they chose colors to represent who they are. Check it out below:

CS: Why the name?

Green: Well I’m Green, Gold is Gold and Red is Red Our first band  was the 51. There were originally four of us, but Blue left. We didn’t want to stay the same so we changed the name. We simply put our name together and took out the vowels. Alot of people wonder why we did that but it makes people talk about us.

CS: How would you describe your music to them?

Green: I would say DC Go-go rhythms mixed with indie rock and hip hop; it’s the simplest way. It’s different every single time. We’re following in the footsteps of bands like the Foo Fighters , N.E.R.D., Outkast, and Gnarls Barkley. Our music is an amalgamation of a lot of sounds.

CS: Would you say you’re carry the torch so to speak?

Green: We’re trying. Like those bands we don’t fit in any category. We’re doing our own thing and we’re just influenced by music in general. We want to make sure our music something different and we like first. That’s #1.

CS: So besides other music, what are the band’s other influences?

Green: Actually art and film like Disney movies and Fight Club influence our music.  And the sound that comes from the movies, seeps into our general content.

CS: Can you tell me more about the band’s record deal?

Green: We joined Fairfax Recordings/ Universal Republic about a year ago. The  “I Love Lamp” video led to the deal . The label head was already our co-producer, so it just made sense, long term wise. As far as the title of the song, we love Anchorman. That statement was asking “what do you really love?”.

CS: I definitely see your point. How’s the band’s experience with being based in DC?

Green: We’re not rich. We all lived in the same house when we quit our jobs to sing. Anything we need to do we can do remotely here. Of course being in those cities like NY or LA, you’re always around the industry. Though its good to be where your home is. That’s why we stayed. It feels good being home and not feeling like you’re always on. It allows a balance . Pretty much we’re fresh in the game and still in survival mode.

CS: Are you guys excited for your first SXSW?

Green: It’s always fun. The shows are whatever, I like hanging out.  We’ve opened for people like Chiddy Bang and Diplo. We played a lot of shows in DC. We’ve also done two tours from Boston to VA and back to Boston.

CS: Why did you guys decide to make music for a living?

Green: It’s something all three of us wanted to do. My earliest musical memory was when I was 3 years old listening to MC Hammer. When I was 14 I was writing and recording and making beats, not really taking it seriously. Around 19,20 I actually wanted to pursue it to a certain extent. With our last band that’s when we really started to grind. All of us have loved music since we were kids.

CS: What’s a little unknown fact about the band?

Green: The fact that we are actually those colors. Everything I own is green. We’ve been living this way for 7 years. We were doing it already as friends and it leaked into our band. It affects how we perceive our music. When people saw our name it made little sense to them, it’s very weird. Though when we put out more music and visuals, it became more clear who we were. We try to be  unique and we’re just drawn to things that are unique.

CS: What are you guys working on now?
We’re releasing the full length album. The EP mirrors the sound of the LP. It’s basically done and hopefully will come out in the summer before we go on the Warped Tour.

You can learn more about RDGLDGRN here.