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GET TO KNOW…: Ophelia Cache

by Keya Maeesha

Photo by E. Michelle

The first time I heard her voice, I knew she was special. I’m not sure how she hits those notes or how she has a way of capturing your heart with the lyrics she pens, but Ophelia Cache is not an artist you want to sleep on. She’s extremely talented, a great lyricist in her own right, and adorable as hell. She literally calls herself “The Black Betty Boop”. If you’ve ever checked her style on a regular day for drinks, or going to a professional event, you can see why.

Photo by E. Michelle

Denver, Colorado made a mistake by letting Ophelia leave and come to NYC. She is a gem. I was introduced to Ophelia by her former manager and old college friend of mine, Derick. He hit me up on facebook and said “Yo, Keya. You have to check out my cousin, Ophelia. You will love her.” And y’all know me…I don’t even like reading messages on facebook. But I’d do anything for Derick. I’ve always trusted his music taste. So I listened to it and instantly fell in love. She just released her All Things Blue EP and it was slowly starting to pick up on different sites. I found myself singing different songs of hers throughout the day like “Boxed In” and “Sick” (which is my personal favorite). She might could possibly have that glow. Through her hard work and her continuous pushing, Ophelia is determined to break down the walls that try to closet her music style. So much so, that Ophelia was a finalist for 2013 House Studio Artist Grant, rocking small venues all through city such as Brooklyn Moon, and has started to create a buzz on the indie scene. With her vibrant personality and beautiful voice, why Ophelia isn’t further I have no idea. I’m pretty sure it is only matter of time before folks get to see her shine and do the damn thing. I’ve sent her music to a couple of well known folks and their response to me has consistently been “where the hell did you find her?”. When I tell them Facebook  they don’t believe me. But hey….you get in where you fit in. Ophelia has definitely done that!

Photo by E. Michelle

I had an opportunity to finally meet Ophelia last year. With a couple of good friends, we went to partake in one of the few spots in Brooklyn that know how to serve up some good bbq–  The Smoke Joint. After, we walked around Ft. Greene a little bit, checked out the scenery, and got a chance to chat about everything she has going on and how she got started. Check it out.

YouTube Preview Image

Adorable, right? And you hear that voice? Listen….I appreciate her even singing my favorite song from her project just for the interview. Now that Ophelia is stepping out on her own and representing herself, she is open to all sorts of opportunities. When I tell you  that you would love to have her as a part of your show, I’m not kidding. She really is that dope. You can keep up with her and all of the amazing things she has going between ReverbNation, Facebook and Twitter. Look out for some future awesomeness from this young lady. She is definitely one you should get to know.

And because I love them so much, I always have to shout out the people who make this interview dope. My girl Emperess of E. Michelle Photos, who is not only a dope photographer but an ill emcee also. Make sure you check her out. And always love and hugs to the homie, Broady Brown of Nocturnal Charm Media, for hooking up my videos. I clearly have NO idea what I’m doing. Peace.