EVENT: The Village Voice 6th Annual Choice Eats Tasting Event!


Before the madness at the 69th Armory

I don’t think I truly knew what the term “food coma” meant until I left the Village Voice 6th Annual Choice Eats Tasting Event this past Tuesday, March 19.  Just imagine all your favorite places to eat in the city under one huge roof… and you can eat whatever you want.  Consisting of over 50+ restaurants, eateries, and alcohol vendors, the 69th Armory was bursting with delicious food from every cuisine and culture you could dream of (and by the end of the night, so was my waistline).


Pork rib, Pig & Khao


Rotini Roll (vodka sauce, fresh mozzarella, spicy pepperoni, and Thai basil), Pete Zaaz


Buffalo chicken meatball, The Meatball Shop

My favorite tastes?  I couldn’t choose just one.  There was no way anyone couldn’t like the Meatball Shop‘s buffalo chicken meatball, and the pepperoni egg roll by Pete Zaaz was also high on the list – like a pizza pocket, but ten times better.  However, Pig & Khao‘s pork rib might have been my very favorite – the meat was falling off the bone and I can’t forget those flavors – I’m definitely rooting for them the next time I get to make a dinner suggestion.


Drunky Monkey banana cream pie from The Blue Stove


Serving to the crowds!


Blow-torchin’ at S’more Bakery’s stand

For dessert?  I was really into Ample Hills Creamery‘s salted crack caramel ice cream (how can you pass something up with a name like that?) and out of all the drinks I tasted, I loved Tito’s Handmade Vodka.

There was absolutely nothing that I tried that I wouldn’t eat again.  Great job to the Village Voice for curating such a wonderful list of eateries, most of which I had never sampled – I put most of them on my “to eat” list for future reference.  I’m hoping Choice Eats gave many of these small businesses a chance to shine a little brighter in the foodie community, and here’s looking forward to next year’s event!  Scroll through for even more food pictures and make sure you visit all these amazing eateries so you can try them for yourself!

Why choose between a hot dog or mac and cheese when you can have them combined at Ditch Plains?


Pouring tasting glasses of sparkling wine over at One Hope Wine


Mexico Lindo’s tamale with mole poblano and butternut squash


Carving lechon at Kuma Inn!


Bacon and grits spoons at Jimmy’s No. 43


The guys at The Kati Roll Company pose for a picture


Broccoli tacos by No. 7


The guys from Lucky 777 Chili serving up chuck, short rib, and brisket chili


A delicious spread by El Almacen


A delicious and fancy display of seafood!


Red wine egg by Thirty Acres