ART: Jay Shells Posts Up on the Blocks: Rap Quotes Street Art Project

by Raymond Herrera


Rap Quotes, Jay Shells

Rap Quotes, Jay Shells

NYC based website Animal released a short video documenting street artist/communication designer Jay Shells’ Rap Quotes project. The artist manufactured signs featuring quotes from classic rap music that he then puts up in the specific locations mentioned in the lines. The project started out with Big L’s mention of 139 & Lennox in his title track Lifestylez ov da Poor and Dangerous, and we hope he expands the project to whatever hood is repped across the world. South Africa and New Zealand, I’m looking at you!

Jay Shells doesn’t expect them to last too long on the blocks and intended them partly as gifts to possibly the first “happy go lucky hip hop fan that passes by.” And hopefully that’s who gets to them first, or at least someone who will learn to appreciate the music behind the signs. So you’d better cop yours before you have to wait in line just to get a peep of reproductions, at an NYC gallery, in a retrospective exhibition of his works. Let the scavenger hunt begin!

Rap Quotes, Jay Shells

Rap Quotes, Jay Shells

You can follow the project on twitter at @TheRapQuotes

You can see more of Jay Shells’ work here.

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