VIDEO: Bonobo – Cirrus


Bonobo is back with a brand new album, The North Borders on Ninja Tunes, and if the first two releases are anything to go by, we’re in for a whopper.

The track ‘Cirrus’ – available for free download on the Bonobo website – isn’t far flung from the tender, emotional electronic compositions that we’d expect to hear from the producer who gave us ‘Days to Come’, ‘Eyesdown’ and ‘Black Sands’.


The surreal ‘Cirrus’ video, cleverly produced by the award-winning, cult favorite animator, Cyriak, hints at a darker side of Bonobo’s hypnotic music. The video itself is practically an animated freak show disguised in 1950’s innocence. As the track builds, the sunny, smiley childhood innocence of quiet suburban neighborhoods, fun fares and cotton candy, gradually turns into a monstrous, industrial, robotic nightmare –  somewhat akin to the (undoubtedly acid-induced) dream sequence of Walt Disney’s Dumbo – at once fantastic and frightening.

Bonobo’s The North Borders, due to be released April 1 2013 (April 2 in North America), is yet another triumphant album that reaches new heights with songs like ‘Heaven for a Sinner’, featuring celestial songstress Erykah Badu. Have a listen below:


Also featured on album is rising star vocalist Szjerdene, who likewise has released her own Patchwork EP on Ninja Tunes this year.

Bonobo will be touring worldwide from April 10, kicking off at the Black Cat in Washington DC. Check the Bonobo website for tour dates.

On the Bonobo website you’ll also find details of a white label competition, where Ninja Tunes has pressed 250 white labels with unique codes that could mean a grand prize for a lucky winner.