NEWS: The Food Network Harlem Shake, Anthony Bourdain’s AMA, Brooklyn Foodie Award Nominees, and More

[Photo from The New York Times]

So the new diet to follow seems to be the Mediterranean Diet – here’s how to follow it and reduce risk of heart disease.  (New York Times)

Anthony Bourdain’s Reddit AMA. (Reddit)

The Food Network Harlem Shake. (YouTube)

It’s still awards season – here are the nominees for Brooklyn Magazine’s Brooklyn Foodie Awards.  (Brooklyn Magazine)

The Brooklyn Flea + Smorgasburg are moving their warmer weather spot – but don’t worry, it’s not that far away! (DNAinfo)

According to Andrew Zimmern, food trucks are here to stay.  (NBC News)

Oh no, are NYC’s Jewish delis a dying breed?  (Gothamist)

No, not the meatballs!  European IKEAs found horse meat in their frozen meatballs, yuck.  (Eater)

Here’s a recipe for grilled cheese croutons.  (A Cup of Jo)

Apparently if you come up with Folgers’ new jingle, you could win $25,000!  (Brokelyn)