NEW MUSIC: The Foreign Exchange – “So What If It Is”


Simplicity. Even when the Foreign Exchange are on some “other” or “new” ish, they still adhere to making music that is deep, soulful, but is instantly likable. On “So What If It Is,” FE is on a laid back soulful house vibe. The song grabs you immediately from the slow atmospheric intro moving into simple piano chords — and then the beat drops — but not too harshly, because the song is about hope. Phonte’s lyrics are honest and hopeful, but not preachy. Listening to “So What If It Is,” will cause you to believe that everything will be okay, even if it is for only the eight minutes plus duration of the song. Even if it is the end of the world, I am okay with it, if there is music this good. This song is the perfect glimpse into their +FE Music: The Reworks, a remix compilation.

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