NEW MUSIC: Hey! Bassjackers, Showtek, & Firebeatz collab- The Deficient

French producer “The Deficient” has put together a great collaboration of EDM all-stars Bassjackers, Showtek and Firebeatz called “Hey!”

The intro establishes the breakneck speed on this track and then it really “takes off.”  The preceding was in quotes because it literally sounds like a plane taking off.

Throughout the track, there is a catchy dance melody with a higher pitch synth. There’s a nice dubstep-ish breakdown section using the high speed sound of record slowing down.  For some reason, this invoked memories of DJ Dero’s “Do the Rave Stomp.” Yeah, sorry about that.

As it works towards the end, the scratches and glitches build and build until the whole thing comes to an abrupt halt after some hard hitting bass tones.  It really is a fun dance track so if you wanna get the house jumpin’ put this on and watch everyone go crazy.

The new track was released last month on Spinnin’ Records label, which coincidentally is hosting the Spinnin’ Sessions at Nikki Beach in Miami next month.  If you want to obtain this great track for your unlimited listening pleasure, you can get a free download of it by “liking” The Deficient’s Facebook page.