NEW MUSIC: Gold Panda- Trust EP

If you haven’t heard of Gold Panda, he is originally from the UK and goes by Derwin who now resides in Berlin.  He had the tremendous DJ-Kicks Compilation we reviewed here a couple of years ago.  He just released a new EP last week and it is terrific!

On the title track of the four selection EP “Trust,” Gold Panda uses a few different tones varying from high to low so it definitely keeps you interested while listening.  On the other hand, it is a bit of a mellower, more melancholic track so one could definitely chill out while having this one on the speakers. I really liked his use of the horn chords.  Sweet, rich baritones also fill in throughout the track.

I loved “Burnt Out Car in a Forest” which had a percussive sound to it, emulating the sounds of flames flickering at said distressed vehicle. It’s an uptempo track which compliments the previous laid back one nicely.  Again Gold Panda uses some great abstract horn sounds throughout the track which give it a sense of solitude and confusion.  Excellent work here.

The title of the last track “Casyam_59#02” seems more like an old email address than a piece of music.  This is a light and airy synth-filled number which some sneaky good bass settled in the background and produces a very warm feel.

Given his body of work, Gold Panda has definitely built up “Trust” that his music will be fantastic. “Trust” is out now on Ghostly Records and you can find it on Ghostly’s store for $4 and on iTunes.