NEW MUSIC: Chris Turner “LiquidLOVE” (VIDEO)

There is something happening across coasts that if you are an extreme lover of music that makes you feel things all up in your special places, you are already hip to. But for those of you who aren’t, it is called The Romantic Movement. Comprised of some talented musicians  including  MeLo X, Jesse Boykins III, Mara Hruby, and Moruf, The Romantic Movement spreads the message of “love over everything”. Isn’t that amazing? You don’t see folks talking about LOVE anymore. It is a good feeling to experience love in music form. That is where Chris Turner comes in.

Hailing from the Bay and now based in NYC, Chris Turner is definition of love. His recent release, LOVELife Is A Challenge, garnered numerous reviews, high accollades, and a bevy of new fans. How can it not? His voice is strong and enticing. Talk about giving you that D’Angelo and maybe a little Tony Rich (y’all remember him?). He is just that dope. I’m serious. You know I’m not lying either.

Check out the first video from LOVELife Is A Challenge. The song is called “LiquidLOVE”, and chiiiile….listen…okay *kevin hart old man stance*. Just watch it.


I’m not going to tell you that you should get his project….Actually…Yes I am. Get it and it enjoy it. Get lost in love. Why not?