MIX: DJ Wonway Posibul – Later On… (music for chance encounters in bedrooms before dawn)

DJ Wonway Posibul decided to drop a mix just in time for Valentine’s Day,

“Originally inspired by a mix I made for me & my lady’s 1 year “date-aversary” (which happens to be this week btw), I decided to expand on some of the blends and redirect the concept a bit. Where that mix was my love letter to her, this mix’s sole responsibility is “mood” music. Many songs here talk about “love” but just as many cover heartbreak, lust, and just flat out seduction; all emotions and actions that can take place on one of those memorable evenings where the planets align and desire and impulse perfectly intertwine. This mix is not about squeezing in as many slow jams as I can in an hour plus. The songs are meant to play for a while, the blends are meant to be stretched out. Wait til it gets dark tonight, press play, sit (or lay) back, and let the music be your guide. I’m sure you’ll figure out the rest later on…”

Checkout “Later On” below and  have a happy Valentine’s Day!