LIVE: Keya Maeesha presents Date Night with Ayah at Drom (NYC)

Photos: Reginald Duvivier

On a blistery President’s Day weekend Keya Maeesha Presents brought the latest installment of Date Night to Drom in NYC.  It had what has become a staple of the series; three acts dabbling in luxuriously soulful R&B. First up was Brian Owens.  Hitting the stage with a classic 60’s soul man vibe he serenaded the audience before sitting down to play most of his set from piano.  Teresa Jenee was up next; diminutive in stature but with a big voice she kept the crowd entertained.  Finally Ayah sauntered up on stage in all black bringing her brand of soul to NYC by way of Toronto.  The crowd enthusiastically soaked in the sights and sounds in what quickly became a standing room only show.  With modern R&B’s tendency to fall into the genre traps of artifice mediocre live chops and the Date Night series shows that there will always be an audience for authentic rhythm and blues.