LIVE: Donuts Are Forever 7 (NYC)

Feb 17th 2013 was the seventh installment of the hugely successful Donuts Are Forever Party.  An annual event to remember the life and music of James ‘J Dilla’ Yancey, the crowd turned out in force despite a bitterly cold night in NYC.  What has made this party so successful over the years is the fact that the organizers Rare Form keep the vibe celebratory and welcoming to a variety of music fans.  At a Donuts
party you can find break dancers work out new moves surrounded by head nodding aspiring producers.  You will see fashionistas showing off Dilla inspired pieces while downtown socialites, used to his beats being the sound track to their late night lives, get their flirt on.

Hosted by Fresh Daily, the cast of DJ’s featuring DJ Tara, DJ Parler, DJ Center and  DJ Stylus kept the layers of different tracks, remixes and samples that become synonymous with the Dilla legacy playing the whole night.  Around midnight Just Blaze, fresh off a tour with the current ‘Harlem Shake’ overlord Baauer, came in to pay tribute to the man of the hour.  While his current tour set involved many trap rap favorites here he kept with the theme of the night and left the crowd begging for more.

The greatest accomplishment for an artist isn’t accolades they get in life but how their legacy endures after they are gone.  In the preceding years since Dilla’s his shadow has grown and expanded far beyond hip-hop; from being name dropped by sexy-noir band The XX to being a staple in Thom York DJ sets.  As much as Dilla’s influence has grown the meaning of his work hasn’t changed to his fans; great beats and good times.