FOOD: Washington Metropolitan’s Buzz Cafe

My brother’s wife just gave birth to their second child a few days ago.  In my attempt to make her last few days of discomfort a little easier, I asked if she wanted me to pick up something sweet for her to eat.  I was on my way to a new café for doughnuts. 

However, when I called her, she told me that my two and a half year old niece was sick, and my plans were changed to pick her up from daycare.  When I dropped her off at their home, I asked my sister-in-law for a closer selection where I could pick up something she wanted to eat.  She suggested getting cupcakes for them at Buzz Café located just north of Old Town Alexandria off of Jefferson Davis Highway [Route 1].

I was torn about what to expect from what was a neighborhood coffee and cupcake shop located on a side street between Old Town Alexandria and Crystal City.  When I drove up—it is accessible by car or bus—the pastel colored sign and ample foot traffic going in and out convinced me that perhaps it was worth the buzz she had suggested.

I walked in to find a place that was truly welcoming to everyone.  Working and studying adults were camped out along tables with their laptops to my right.  On my left was a children’s area with low tables, toys, and even a miniature stove.  Outside was a water bowl for dogs and next to the cash register, a jar of dog treats.

Approaching the counter, I knew exactly what I supposed to be getting for my family, but no idea what to get for myself.  I placed the order for them, which was handled easily by the staff, despite it being a special request.  While they were preparing their order, I perused the display case for my selection. 

I had been eyeing cake pops, and an assortment of cupcakes including the White Rabbit, the Cookie Monster [topped with a chocolate chip cookie], and the Red Velvet that I was getting for my brother.  But I was being called by a different type of confection.   However, instead of asking for it, I deferred to the staff at Buzz Bakery.

I asked for a suggestion.  I informed the man that was helping me that I was open to anything, but I wanted him to tell me what he thought I should try.

“Well, there’s the Passion Fruit Crème Brulee.  Or you could try…” and at that point, I interrupted him.  I had seen it in the case, and it was what I desperately wanted.  As the first thing out of his mouth, I was sold.  He offered to either caramelize the top for me to go, or I could eat it in house.  Excited to crack the top while it was still warm, I opted to eat in house.

I made the perfect choice.  Warm and crunchy sweet, balanced with the slight tartness and creamy underside, made me swoon a little.  If you’d like to try out either my personal heavenly moment, or pick your own pleasure: I suggested you stop in to either of their locations in Alexandria or Ballston.  Or place a special request order for your next birthday or office party.