Happy Chinese New Year!  This year my gift was a graffiti haven in my hometown Hong Kong, albeit small but wondrous. Beneath the East Mongkok KCR Station there is a cemented section of the hillside that contains a collection of urban markings, with some of the most detailed and fully developed pieces I have ever seen in the city.  Growing up in Hong Kong my eyes searched for any sign of individual marking amidst the over 3,000 mass marketed messages which we are exposed to everyday.  I would analyze the few and far between tags for a differing line, stroke or combination of colors. Recently returning home I am happy to say there are a lot more signs of street art with stencils, wheat-pastes and full graffiti pieces.

Translation: To demonstrate art is not that impossible or hard to reach. Art doesn’t need an air conditioned gallery, even in the hot sweaty local street it can also blossom.  We believe everyone has their own taste, everyone can make art. The first stop is to bring you to the busiest place of Mongkok, to let you see the possibilities of street art and a group of diversity artists’ street art and t-shirt public display.