STYLE: The Discovery of HAZEL21












The Hazel21 brand really caught my attention for various reasons like their execution in great detail on their pieces, the amazing visuals they have to showcase these details, and the way they release their product. First, Hazel21 is a Polish brand that has gotten a lot of buzz over the internet most recently. I have not found any retailers who carry their product in the U.S. but definitely check out their website for their latest. Read more to find out why Hazel21 will be a brand to look out for in 2013.

As consumers get smarter and look for more “experience” in their shopping, brands are challenged with creating quality product while also satisfying their consumer. However, there are brands who consistently attract loyal consumers because they are just that good at what they do. I strongly believe Hazel21 is one of those brands.  In all of their products there is always a subtle yet fly detail that will make me buy their product over their competition any day. Shown below are some staples to a man’s closet and Hazel21 does an amazing job in adapting the essentials; t-shirt, hat, and pants.










Pocket tees have been a huge trend but you can’t just throw on any color or silhouette onto your tee. Hazel21 does an amazing job with using the classic bandana pattern with different shades of black, so this shirt doesn’t look too “American Apparel”.










Snapbacks are timeless pieces to a mans wardrobe. Some say the snapback trend will die but designers will just keep modifying the well known piece. Now, you start see subtle differences in designs, especially on the brims. Hazel21 does a great job with the use of 3D snake skin on the brim, to add different texture to a black hat.








One of my favorite details that I’ve seen a lot is the use of pattern on the inside cuff of pants. Chinos are perfect for this and the clean blue striped pattern above screams fresh when rocking with the right kicks and button up.

Showing great detail above, what I truly enjoyed about the Hazel21 website is their release of theme packs. So as shown below, Hazel21 will release a themed pack based on color or prints every few weeks. This is an amazing way to merchandise product, especially with the huge trends of using patterns and textures.

 Burgundy Pack

 Dot Pack

The theme packs above are a great way brands can take advantage of creating an amazing visual experience for the consumer. Please check out the rest of the Hazel21 website for more of their fresh gear available. Note, if you use Google Chrome try to not translate and see if you can navigate their site; it adds to the experience.