NEWS: Questlove Dreams of Jiro, Monkey Waiters, Drunkorexia, and More

[Photo from Gothamist]


If you have drunkorexia, MTV wants to make a show about you.  Do we see something wrong with this? (Craigslist)

Questlove visits the revered Sukiyabashi Jiro and has what is probably the best meal of his life – check out his Instagram for his dinner documentation! (Grub Street NY)

Don’t let Sandy take away our paletas, too – La Newyorkina needs your help, so spread the word and donate! (Kickstarter)

Subway releases a statement promising to make all footlong sandwiches a foot long.  (Eater)

Check out Kamayan Night at Jeepney in NYC every Thursday, where you have to eat your dinner with your hands, the Filipino way! (Instagram)

Vegan soul food in Harlem?  I’d check it out!  (Gothamist)

What do you think about Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson‘s new show? (Eater)