NEWS: $2,000 Pasta, Psychopathic Chefs, Naked Waitresses, and More

The West Village is known for its cute cafes and adorable restaurants, so naturally an IHOP was needed in the neighborhood.  (Gothamist)

NYC Winter Restaurant Week (more like Month) is coming up, so make your reservation now!  (NYC Go)

We know Midtown eateries are generally pricey, but…a $2,000 plate of pasta? (Wonkette)

A Roberta’s waitress puts on her birthday suit for her last shift at the Bushwick pizzeria.  (Grub Street NY)

Stop paying attention to your phone while dining out and get a discount (but you should probably just do that anyway).  (Huffington Post)

Of all professions, “chef” is ranked as the ninth most psychopathic.  (Eater)