MIXTAPE: hokes – H e a d G a m e s

Evoking the same emotion one gets when they hear the sounds of artists such as Clams Casino, The Weeknd, and XXYYXX comes 21 year-old Roxbury, NJ native, hokes. The self described “beat cinematographer” recently released his EP H e a d G a m e s,

From hokes:

“This 5 track EP is a documented recollection of wrongful conception for the sake of undeniable love and lust. Loss of control and moral, your feet are off the ground. Feel right these moments of unidentifiable passion, regret, and fuck ups, for this atmosphere pans across paradoxical thin and thickness. No room for comfort, so breath deep. No chance of possession, so exhale. We are at our own internal tipping point in the simple crux of humanity. This is Hokes. This is H e a d G a m e s.”

Checkout H e a d  G a m e s below and you can download it for free here.