Interview conducted by Phil Indiana

ILLMIND started out traditionally sampling from records, but strayed away from the crates. And chose to go the YouTube route as far as sounds. Taking it a step further, he’s decided to make his own beats and sounds. Talk about being innovative! Having produced for underground artists such, as Little Brother, Boot Camp Clik, 50 Cent, Redman, LL Cool J, Diamond D, Heltah Skeltah, Skyzoo, Talib Kweli, Kanye’s  G.O.O.D Music label and Beat Society creator and fellow musician/producer Hezekiah.  The Couch Sessions recently caught up with the masterful producer.

I recently watched one of your old interviews, and you said that you would rather go on the internet  to find sample rather than actual record stores. Do you still feel that way today?

Actually, at this point I’m not biased to doing it either way. It’s always going to be more enjoyable to physically go record digging, but with the convenience of finding something you want/need on the internet and get it immediately is a no brainer too!

You’ve been producing music since 97, how do you stay relevant? And what do you feel makes you stand out as a producer?

I just try to create the music I like, period. I’ve got a pretty diverse taste in music, so I’m managing to not get bored, which is awesome. There’s a lot of talent out there, and I think that’s what continues to drive me as well. I think the relevancy part comes from just staying in tune with whats out there, and continuing to be active in creating music.

Which do you prefer analog or digital equipment?  What is your current set up?

I don’t lean towards any one way particularly, but as of now my set up is entirely “in the box”. Because of technology, it’s allowed me to do things I wasn’t able to do back then, when it was all hardware based. Right now I’m running a full Protools rig, Maschine, Axiom Pro, and a TON of sounds. I prefer the KRK ROKIT 8’s and the KRK 10S SUB. I love my set up right now.

When you aren’t producing or making beats, What does a ” day off” for Illmind consist of?

I honestly don’t remember the last “day off” I had, but on my down time I like to read books, cook, and hang with my girl and my dog. You know, boring stuff lol. I’m super into interior design too. I’d like to think my crib is pimped out, but It’s a continual battle of copping more stuff to design the crib with (aka, stuff I probably don’t need).

If you could produce a full album for any artist. Who is that one artist?

I feel like I can make an incredible album with Adele.

Now, you know beat jacking and folks using the same samples has been an issue since the inception of hip-hop. Have you ever ran into any beat or sample issues regarding other producers? And if so…no I’m not asking you to name names (lol)

Actually, I haven’t run into the problem yet. I know it’s an issue for some people, but luckily not for me (knocks on wood)


What does Illmind have up his sleeve for the 2013?

Man, there’s SO much going on! I’m excited about all of it. Working with a bunch of independent artists and Major label artists. My B.L.A.P. Producer Showcase is on going every month (which was inspired by the original BEAT SOCIETY, btw!), my new radio show Blap On The Radio (every Friday 10pm to 12am, and my new online consultation service (which you can find out about on Beatsociety fam for life!


 You can catch Illmind tonight at Beat Society in Philly at Johnny Brenda’s and on Wed, Jan 16th for Beat Society DC at Liv.