GET TO KNOW…..: Arthur Lewis

by Keya Maeesha

Photo by E. Michelle Photos

I like when I get put on to music by my genius friends. I heard about Arthur Lewis on a day when I didn’t expect to find any new music. I was actually having a bad day. My friend Kyle (whom I told you guys about before. He’s the one who told me about Iman Omari), sent me this song called “If We Were”. He didn’t know I was having a hard day. Just said he heard the song and thought I would like it. I didn’t like it. I loved it. It moved me in a way that I wasn’t prepared for. I listened to the song and was like “this is my story”. Ever since then, I’ve set out to meet him and make him one of the homies. And guess what? WE FRIENDS NAH!!! (worst…accent…ever! I know. Love me anyways :) ).

Photo by E. Michelle Photos

Arthur Lewis is an anomaly. When you see him in person, you have to take a double  look and think to yourself “This is the guy who sang that song?”. Very quiet in person, sweet as pie, a foodie, and a comic book fanatic, Lewis demystifies the personality of artists that are in the soul/jazz arena. As a Queens, NY native, not only is he familiar with the city, but he also carries an aura that is welcoming . He’s performed all over NYC, sometimes with his twin sister (who also has a DOPE voice I might add). He’s a hidden surprise to the culture of music that I believe will grow in the midst of this concrete jungle. It is amazing to me how he creates and sets himself apart from the rest.

Photo by E. Michelle Photos

I had the opportunity to eat and chat it up with Arthur at this dope restaurant in SOHO called Kelley and Ping. Tiny little noodle shop with amazing food and a really great atmosphere  Arthur and I got to catch up on all things he’s working on and how he transitioned into the music industry. Check it out.

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Isn’t he amazing? Just an all around awesome person with great energy and a beautiful voice. I dig Arthur. I believe you guys will too. Feel free to hit him on on his website, twitter, or facebook. He headlines shows all the time, so make sure you keep up with him. He’ll be rocking Soul Factory’s 90’s Tribute in April at DROM if you want a good night of soul music to attend. He is definitely one you should get to know.

Photo by E. Michelle Photos


As always, shout out to my Get To Know team: Emperess of E. Michelle Photos for these amazing shots you see and Broady Brown of Nocturnal Charm for hooking a sista UP with the video edits.

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