FOOD: Favorite Brunch Spots in Philadelphia

I usually don’t brunch very often, but that’s only because eggs are kind of my speciality in the kitchen. Over-easy, poached, or omelettes; eggs are a common meal in my house. So when I get to go out to brunch, it’s got to be a treat, and the best brunches are the kind where I leave either incredibly full and ready for a solid afternoon nap, or powered up for a busy day.

Green Eggs has locations in Northern Liberties, Center City, and South Philly, but I usually stick by the one closer to my house. The cafes serve breakfast and lunch everyday, so for the flexibly-scheduled, awesome breakfasts are available when your day off is on a weekday. They also open at 8 a.m. everyday, which is great for early risers or those who start work later in the day.

Green Eggs’ specialties french toasts and pancakes are not to be missed if you love sweets for breakfast. Items like red velvet pancakes, tiramisu or crunchy peanut butter french toast are solid choices, but it’s the crème brulee french toast that’ll get me out of bed quicker than a fire. Covered in vanilla custard and cream, berry syrup and maple syrup, and fresh berries and whipped cream, it’s so rich it might as well have its own SuperPAC, so filling it ought to come with a gym membership.

Royal Tavern sits on East Passyunk Ave in Queen Village, a neighborhood bar that also serves good food. It caters to an alt crowd, with a good mix of vegan and vegetarian options clearly marked on the menu. Always-good choices are the breakfast burrito or the tater tot scramble drizzled in chipotle sauce, though the specials board is consistently surprising and interesting.

The reasons to brunch here are either for your vegan friends’ sake, or to drown a hangover in more booze. Royal Tavern offers a Bacon Bloody Mary and mimosas that skip around to different fruits like blueberry or prickly pear, as well as standard OJ.

At Honey’s Sit ‘n Eat, you’re guaranteed a line that stretches out the door and for a good reason: they’ve got the best eggs in the city. The eggs come fresh from free-range farms in Lancaster County, as does their bacon and sausage. The yolks are perfect and sunrise-y, and easily used for dipping your cheese and onion latke, a must-order and a food that has been long overdue for breakfast appropriation. It’s part of Honey’s weekday bargain breakfast, two eggs, latke, toast, and coffee for just under $4, although that price doubles on the weekend.

If you’re looking to break away from that simple breakfast, a highly-recommended dish is the “Toad in a Hole,” a poached egg on top of hollandaise and cheese drenched challah with truffle oil. The dish is super savory and plenty filling, and an excellent start for a weekend.