FOOD: DC’s The Greek Spot

Just off the corner of 11th and U Street is a gateway to the island of Kefalonia, The Greek Spot.  This no-frills carry-out restaurant serves generous portions of healthy, tasty cheap eats.

The falafel, while smaller than most establishments, has a nice crispy exterior and is well seasoned.  The ground chickpea fritter appetizer comes with a side of delicious hummus and pita.

The chicken souvlaki sandwich is a warm pita filled with juicy strips of char-grilled chicken breast covered by a mixture of tomato, onion, parsley, lemon juice, and creamy feta sauce.

The green beans come with stewed tomatoes, parsley, and onion.  While they are good, they would be better and have more nutritional value if they still had a slight crunch.  In addition, I would suggest grabbing a side of tzatziki to smother over everything.

Within the confines of The District’s Little Ethiopia lies a Mediterranean oasis. Although The Greek Spot does not dish out the best Greek food outside of Santorini, it does serve high quality food made of the freshest ingredients at an affordable price point.   They now offer indoor seating and Wi-Fi as well as delivery for an added convenience.

The Greek Spot
2017 11th Street N.W.
Washington D.C.