COP THIS: The Fat Boys Pizza Vinyl Re-Issue

So let’s get this out of the way. About 50% of y’all have no idea who The Fat Boys are. Well, back in the 80s, before you were thought about, the overweight trio of Prince Markie Dee, Kool Rock-Ski, and Rock Love were actually quite popular back in the day, spawning a few gold and platinum albums, and even a feature length movie (I saw this in theatres, so I just dated myself). This was a the beginning of hip-hop.


Fast forward 25 years and we have the pizza box vinyl. Developed as an homage to the trio’s love of Sbarros, the deluxe reissue of their debut album looks and is presented as a pizza. Even if you are scratching your head about the group, you gotta admire the care that went into developing this one. Check it and cop at Turntable Lab. (via Core77)