STYLE: The missing piece to your NYE ensemble

Every holiday season people put together their NYE outfit like putting together that 1250 piece puzzle where  all the middle pieces are missing… beyond stressed. Some people spend way too much money and some end up “not giving in to the hype”; but in the end we as humans, care as to how we look on an eventful night out with special people. You want to have a fresh outfit for the start of the new year. For our men we will talk a little about a piece, created by Ellsworth & Clyde, that you need in your wardrobe not only for your NYE party but for the rest of life. Read more if you are interested in learning more about the tie bar, a fresh alternative to your ordinary tie clip.

Ellsworth & Clyde is a handcrafted accessory company created by college friends Elliott Curtis, Jesse Chorng, and Paul Castellana. Their dormitory, which provided the grounds for a lasting collaborative partnership, was on the corner of Ellsworth Avenue and Clyde Street. A very interesting origin, E&C has innovated the timeless piece known as the tie bar.

Utilizing time tested materials like high quality hardwoods and premium leathers, magnetic closures as opposed to those cumbersome clip mechanisms, and dual lengths to fit varying tie widths, E&C crafted and engineered the most slept on accessory in menswear.  The brand offers two styles of their tie bar which are shown detail below. If interested, go to their webstore to make a purchase just in time for your fresh new look for 2013.








Bolivian Rosewood. Black oiled leather hinge with magnetic closure. Brass pins. Two widths for versatility.








Teak hardwood. Tan oiled leather hinge with magnetic closure. Brass pins. Two widths for versatility.