STYLE: Redefining Sportswear: Black Apple + NY Knicks Capsule

NYC-rooted menswear brand Black Apple received the unprecedented opportunity to partner with the New York Knicks on a sleek, monochromatic collection of pieces that push the envelope on sportswear. Originally spotted at Grungy Gentleman, writer and style savant Jace Lipstein offers this apropos perspective:

“Fan gear is awesome, but unfortunately it is not as appropriate for my age anymore…Would you catch me rocking an Adidas Knicks warm-up jacket, walking down Christopher Street in the West Village? As much as I would like to tell you the answer is yes, the answer realistically is hell no.”

The work put forth by Black Apple’s owners/designers Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne brings us an upscale envisioning of how to convey one’s sport allegiances. This caliber of sport-fashion fusion was seen previously this fall with the Brooklyn Originals collaboration between Adidas and the Brooklyn Nets, but the Knicks reaching out to a local brand is a firm statement: WE ARE NEW YORK’S ORIGINALS. The turf wars between the Knicks and Nets are only going to worsen and become more entertainingly weird over time. Don’t get caught in the fandom crossfire!

Unfortunately for you and me, the collection was released exclusively at Madison Square Garden on December 13th, so there is no word on cost or current availability. I’d imagine the entire MSG fan experience of tickets, food, drink, and that ultra-fly varsity jacket will run you at least a thousand bones. Regardless, this collaboration has net some amazing results: