There are many brands we see come and go, some we’d like to stay longer than others. Pegleg NYC is a brand that started in the early 2000s and truly dominated the fashion game up until 2010. The brand no longer exists and their pieces can only be seen in archives of select fashion and streetwear blogs. Pegleg was well known for using simple geometries and loud colors to come together and form tees and hoodies that no one else can duplicate. Did Pegleg get out of the game just in time? Did their respected and quiet exit lead to the beginning of the saturated use of prints by many commercial brands seen in Urban Outfitters? There are many questions we can ask and there might even be that basement blogger who is still crying over the brands dismissal but let’s take this time to look back at the great designs of Pegleg NYC…

This crew neck is classic to some as it is Polo inspired with the blue, red, and green checkered pattern. This design is unique because the pattern is not over used and the use of grey balances the crewneck.

Stripes always look good, especially in the summer. These shirts show the understanding that Pegleg had for colors. Using complementary colors to create pop on the shirt allows people to wear these shirts to the beach or even on a night out to dinner.

The design of this pullover hoodie has inspiration from the 80s with the placement and choice of color. This particular pullover reminds me of some early 90s Columbia half zip hoodies you might be lucky finding in thrift shops today. However, in the late 80s b-boys would wear hoodies like this one to match their suede Puma Clydes.

Unlike the hoodie above, these pieces show more inspiration from modern design with use of pattern, particularly in the pants. Pegleg did a phenomenal job with using the leaves on this piece without looking like your grandmothers living room couch.


So, again let’s take time to give respect to Pegleg NYC for arguable starting the trend in using loud, rave inspired patterns and color schemes on their pieces.