NEWS: Pizza Hut Perfume, Chef Biz Markie, Yelp Review: The Soundtrack, and More

[Photo from Serious Eats]

If you are looking for a new signature scent, consider Pizza Hut’s newly released pizza-scented perfume!  (Eater)

Want to learn how to cook?  Biz Markie can teach you how!  (The L Magazine)

Pete Wells, New York Times restaurant critic now notorious for the Guy Fieri takedown, answers questions about that particular review.  (New York Times)

The American Museum of Natural History is hosting an exhibit featuring food and its influence on our culture.  (American Museum of Natural History)

San Diego cocktail bar Craft & Commerce has an alternative soundtrack for their patrons – they play recording of their negative Yelp reviews over the stereo.  (LAist)

If you bought a bag of organic grapes from Whole Foods recently, watch out, because you might have picked up a black widow, too. (Grub Street NY)

Wondering why the number of people with food allergies is increasing?  Pesticides in tap water may be the culprit. (CNN)