NEWS: Brooklyn = Food’s Silicon Valley, Cola Chicken Potato Chips, Park Slope’s Best Bagels, and More

[Image from Gizmodo]

Anyone up for “cola chicken” Lay’s potato chips? (Gothamist)

Is Brooklyn becoming the Silicon Valley of Food? (The Brooklyn Ink)

Gatorade (among other drinks) could literally make you go crazy.  (The New York Times)

There’s no such thing as bad publicity – despite the scathing review, people are lining up to get into Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar! (Twitter)

Park Slope speaks: where can you get the best bagels in the neighborhood? (Park Slope Stoop)

Eek!  Craft beer brewers may be more threatened by big name beer companies.  (Eatocracy)

Not only does Chobani have a fancy store in SoHo just a block away from Chanel and Burberry, but they are about to open the world’s largest yogurt plant.  (The New York Times)