MIXTAPE: Hey Anna – Hey Anna EP

Hey Anna, a blossoming New York-area based band, brings you the salty shores of the coasts and the fast-paced excitement of the city.  The band came to life when 3 sisters—who’ve been making music together since before they could eat solid food—met up with two long-time best friends in an overheated 8-by-8 practice room in Newark, NJ. The result: a mixture of intimate vocal harmonies perched atop poppy melodies that meet soaring, atmospheric alt rock.

Along with their favorite shirts, the sisters swap lead vocals and instruments, withAnna Rauch-Sasseen and Erin Rauch-Sasseen on keyboards/rhythm guitar andKatie Rauch-Sasseen on bass. Completing the band on lead guitar and drums,Andrew Smolin and Matthew Langner energize the outfit with their enduring hooks, restless drive and intricate, foot-stomping rhythms.

Checkout their self-titled EP below and you can download it for free here.