A rock & roll band with an enduring fondness for pure pop and a wicked, sly sense of humor, TAB the Band defy easy categorization. Formed in December 2006, the group consisted of brothers Adrian Perry (lead vocals/bass) and Tony Perry (guitar), and Ben Tileston (drums). In August 2008, Lou Jannetty (rhythm guitar) joined the band. Playing with Jane’s Addiction tonight in DC at 9:30 club, I got the chance to talk to Adrian Perry to learn more about the band and what they’ve been up to.

How did TAB the Band start out?

AP: TtheB started out as an informal duo between Tony and I (called “TnA”….yes, clever). We’d record tracks for fun, rap songs about colonial figures, dance tracks, just one offs when we weren’t working on our respective other projects. One time, Tony invited his friend Ben over to play real drums on a track, rather than using some loops or something. We had a pretty funky blues riff that we used to get the track going, and once we were finished it sounded cool. We ended up putting ‘real’ lyrics on it, rather than jokey ones; we recorded a bunch of songs on that particular weekend and that’s when the band was born.

What motivates you guys to make music?
AP: I think each guy has his reasons but I think as a band, our goal is to make music that we would want to listen to.

You guys released your last album Zoo Noises in 2010. Since then what have you guys been up to?

AP: After Zoo Noises came out we spent a lot of time on the road with Stone Temple Pilots, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Cage the Elephant at different points. We went across the US and also to the UK and we did Lollapalooza and some other festivals. We also recorded our new record, which will be out in early 2013.

To people who have never heard of you, how would you describe your music?
AP: I’d say it sits somewhere between The Beatles and The Stones.

Does being based in NYC/Boston affect the band’s dynamic?

AP: Generally I think being an east coast band toughens us up a bit. Loading and unloading a van in a snow storm builds character. As far as having members based in different cities, I think it helps to give everyone space. When we’re on tour or recording, we’re up in each other’s bizniss 24/7, so it’s nice during the off time for everyone to go do their own thing.

Why the name TAB the Band?
Tony, Adrian, Ben and (Lou)the Band. Lou is the glue.

What’s a little known fact about the band?

AP: We’re all licensed sea captains.

How do you guys feel going into your shows in DC and NY?
AP: We feel with our hands.

What new projects can expect from you guys?
AP: We’ve got a new single and album which will be hitting the streets in 2013. We’ll be on the road as well.

You can check out TAB the Band tonight at the 9:30 Club in DC and they’re playing Terminal 5 in NYC tomorrow night.