INTERVIEW: Nu Sessions – Cody Chesnutt

Can you name anyone who has influenced the underground soul movement more than Cody Chesnutt? His double album debut, The Headphone Masterpiece was a brilliant as it was ambitious, and of course it spawned the inspiration for The Roots’ hit “The Seed 2.0” back in 2002. However, a lot has changed in Cody’s life since Masterpiece. He’s now a family man, with two children, and in this rare interview, he speaks about how he has changed in the past 10 years.


And if you haven’t noticed, his newest project, Landing On A Hundred finds Cody updating his sound from his previous efforts. Funded by Kickstarter, Hundred ditches the lo-fi soul for a much fuller sound. In the interview, Cody talks about making his sound more accessible to spread his message. We’re not complaining, and Hundred has gotten stellar reviews since it’s release.

We interviewed Cody in one of the rooms at Brooklyn’s Nu Hotel.