INTERVIEW: Six Questions with Jenna Andrews

Jenna Andrews may not yet be a household name, but the Canadian singer is looking to change that. I first discovered Jenna a few years ago through a mutual friend, and since then, the Island Records signee has been steady working on her new album. However, it’s her EP that will catch your attention. Passionate lyrics, coupled with a self-proclaimed “Bond-girl” style most certainly set her apart.

According to your bio, at one point in your life, you could not even afford to fill your car up with gas. What is it about your struggle that influences you and your songwriting?

Well moving from place to place and being a struggling musician has made me really hungry and driven. Not really knowing where I am gonna be tomorrow and having music be my only real asset for so long is inspiring and makes me work harder.


What can fans expect with this new EP, Kiss and Run?

For guys it is the dictionary into how girls think and for girls it is very relatable- cause I speak of everything we go through from lust to love to one night stands.


My favorite song on the EP is Weapon. What’s the story behind that track?

It’s the last song on the EP for a reason. It’s after you have been hurt a couple times by love. After you have let down your guard and become vulnerable. I am pretty much telling the guy that I have 1 percent of my heart left to give and if he hurts me then I have nothing left.

Let’s talk about your look. It almost seems like a cross between vintage and futuristic at the same time. What’s the inspiration for your style?

I am definitely influenced by the Bond movies- so a Bond girl look meets Audrey Hepburn- so you are totally on the right track.

I hear a lot of different voices in your music, from soul to jazz. Can you share a little about your inspirations?

Well my inspirations vary from Donny Hathaway to Billie Holiday to Aaliyah, Massive Attack and Portishead. I also wanted my music to feel cinematic and bond like.

What’s next for you? Are you going on tour?

I am working to finish my album for next year, and yes I will be going on tour. Nothing confirmed yet, but there are a few things in the works so I will keep you posted!