GIFT GUIDE: The Food and Drink Gadget Roundup


The CS Food + Drink Gift Guide #2 of the season consists of gifts that people probably wouldn’t buy themselves, but definitely they wouldn’t mind getting these under the tree.  Here’s a roundup of quirky food and drink gadgets that would make perfect presents for anyone fun.  Some are practical, some aren’t, and some just don’t make sense, but whatever they are, your friends will be sure to love them.

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit, $40.00. Check our review here.
Brooklynese Coffee Set, $45.80. For your coffee loving Brooklynite.
Ramen Spoon and Fork Set, $28.00. Because 2 in 1 utensils are just so much better.
Pop-Print Measuring Spoons, $18.00. Just something pretty for the kitchen.
Pocket Apple Pie Mold, $3.95. Who wouldn’t want a mini apple pie?
Hip Hopsicles Ice Cube Tray, $8.99. Dollar sign ice cubes in your drank are baller.
Pink Spaghetti Twirling Fork, $15.00. Well, why not?
Wine Bottle Tool Kit, $20.98. For any wino you know.
Keith Haring Water Bottle, $21.99. Be cool and don’t waste plastic.
Star Wars Cookie Cutters, $19.95. Necessary.
Set of Joint Birthday Candles, $7.00. Use these on a brownie cake.
Drumstick Mixing Spoons, $10.00. Keep the beat and bake at the same time!

For more great kitchen and drink ware, check out Fred and Friends, Crate and Barrel, Fish’s Eddy, Pylones, or Sur La Table.