ART: Bangkok Graffiti Hunting

A BK Girl hunting for graffiti in BKK found herself swimming in a pool of UTAH & ETHER tags and BNE stickers.  Finally along Ratchadamnoen Avenue in the Pranakorn district I feasted my eyes on some full pieces done by both Thai and foreign artists.  The display entitled “ART STREET” is meant to promote the renovation of the Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Gallery and was led by the amazing street artist Alex Face along with 20 other artists.  Art does populate like gremlins and this trail led me to discover a real treasure in the back alley on a worn down colonial-style building, which is now Club Culture.  Take a look at the pics below to give yourself a taste of graffiti in Thailand – and the hunt continues!

TOA Paint is the largest decorative paint manufacturer in South East Asia.

Long Live the King!  The world’s longest reigning monarch turned 85 years old this month.

Mau Mau

Alex Face

Thai Translation: HAPPY DAY

ESA Crew

Thai Translation: PEACE


Alex Face

TRK (Thun Puchpen)


BNA Crew