STYLE: Mishka Holiday 2012

As you get ready to camp out for your next Black Friday overnight madness, you’ll need to do couple of things after your Thanksgiving grubbin’. First, you’ll need to bundle up with the warm gear and secondly, you definitely need to keep watch for you and your homies while you post up on line for some deals. The only way to do that this Holiday season is with the Mishka Holiday collection where they are always preparing you to keep watch.

This Holiday season, Mishka brings back their classic Keep Watch logo on beanies, crewnecks, and scarves to name a few. Mishka also brings us more camo for the concrete struggles along with other uses of patterns and well known colorways like their Infrared Space Truckin’ button down shirt, which can be seen with the rest of the collection after the jump. Cop your holiday gear at the Mishka webstore and make sure to hit up their Black Friday Sale coming this week.

Dragon Puffa (in Camo Corduroy), Sweet Leaf Shirt (in Black), Chameleon Cargo Cords (in Camo)

Olde School Jacket (in Heather Grey), Desert Sessions Shirt (in Twilight Blue), Vision Quest Scout Pants (in Black)

Tiffany of Dark Sister and Cities Aviv are wearing (left to right): Keep Watch Safari Pom Beanie (in Orange), Chameleon Corduroy Shirt (in Camo); Dragon Puffa (in Black Corduroy), Space Truckin’ Shirt (in Infrared)

Chameleon 5-Panel Camper (in Black), Space Truckin’ Shirt (in Infrared)

Keep Watch Safari Pom Beanie (in Black), No Nonsense Hooded Jacket (in Navy)