STYLE: From Hollis to Harlem

So putting two far apart generations of music next to each may bother some but in the end, it will stir up some conversation. Both reppin’ different parts of NYC and having very different styles of music, run DMC and ASAP Mob can share some similarities in their influence on fashion.

Looking back into the 80s, it was Run DMC that started various trends that seem pretty ordinary today for most 80s babies. For example, if it wasn’t for Run DMC, who knows if the adidas superstars with no laces together with the fedora hat would have expanded the way it did? Also, would the ASAP Mob be rockin’ all black if Run DMC never did?

Yes, some of these questions may seem a little ridiculous but the point is, Run DMCs fashion sense sure did have an influence on music groups today like ASAP Mob and both groups specifically might be comparable in the influence they have in their respective generation’s styles. Read more to see how both Run DMC and ASAP Mob can be put side by side due to their style.

For simplicity and leaving room for discussion with your homies, we’ll leave this list short. But, in general, each group stood out from the crowd and clearly started trends that can be seen on a global scale.

1. Where’s the gold at?

ASAP Rocky is that “pretty little flaco” from Harlem and no matter how you put it, dude likes to rock his gold. He not only likes to flash his jewelry but he still gives the people that street image they want. Does this look (or maybe sound) familiar? Run DMC was the crew to break out on stage with the fat gold chains but then not lacing their kicks like they just got out of prison. No matter how you want to put it, both crews, Hollis to Harlem, were able to post up on the block AND be known for rocking their gold.

2. Changing the hat game.

It seemed like an average part of the ensemble to rock a black fedora hat just like kids rock black “SWAG” or “SILENCE” snapbacks today but it is arguable that Run DMC was heavily responsible for many people around the world to start coppin’ this style. Just like today, where a group of high school friends are walking down the halls together all wearing the same Black Scale snapback coincidentally the day after ASAP Rocky released the video for “Purple Swag”.



3. All Black Everything.

Bringing the natural stick up kid swag to stage, Run DMC was rockin’ full black leather outfits casually, and no one was questioning them! It was cool then adidas gave them their own line of apparel to hook up with the superstars and then they were rockin’ their own line of leather jackets; now that’s fresh!

It was mad fresh for them to be doing this because during the time other pop stars like Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five were wearing gold patent leather suits in their super wet jerry curls. Now, today the ASAP Mob can be the comparable Run DMC but in Harlem as they rock leather pants (a little tighter) with their long black trench coats. A little flashier but it’s expected as our young consumers today have a smaller attention span and always want more faster. If you ask some fashion trend experts, the ASAP Mob could be the innovators of the classic Run DMC flashy b- boy look. From the 80s to today, rockin’ all black with mad gold is considered fresh, so we can’t necessarily ASAP Rocky and his crew did it first. As music and fashion is circular and continues to recycle; did anyone do it before Run DMC though?